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  • anxious about a current situation in your life?
  • unsure about what your next steps are?

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  • to have a clear sense of direction of where you’re going in life?
  • feel empowered to make the changes you need to create the life you truly want ?
  • to feel more confident and happier within yourself?
  • to feel more joy, peace and fulfillment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I can help you. These are questions that I have faced and dealt with in my own life. Through self investigation and the help of various tools and techniques I’m grateful to be in a place where I feel better about my place in life than I have ever felt before. It’s possible for you to live the life you want as well in a way that resonates and works for you.

If you feel ready for change and to enjoy progress in these areas, then get in touch with me to see if working together could benefit you.

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I have worked in the corporate world for over 18 years in various finance roles in different global organisations such as Ernst & Young, Aviva, UBS, RBS, Mars etc and it has given me an appreciation for the challenges and difficulties that people face in the work environment including the pressure to perform and the office politics that seems to pervade most organisations. Fortunately for me it has also provided me with many opportunities to coach people, helping them to resolve difficulties that they were facing. I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding parts of my job.


  • Nalini
    Julie Lee is truly a wonderful talented teacher, guide, advisor and life coach. I had my first session with her on my birthday this year to help piece together some doubts and concerns I had going into another year of my life. I felt validated and heard. She is gentle and kind, even when helping me face truths that were hard to hear. She helped me to focus my next moves and urged me to trust my gut, which we all know is difficult when one is not practiced in this ability or externally focused. She helped me turn inwards and choose the path that felt most comfortable to me with key questions and different ways of seeing the complex sides of my story. Time with her was a gift. I recommend Julie and her decades of experience, knowledge and guidance into your life. You will see her as a friend travelling your path alongside you.
  • Christoph, Finance Manager
    I met Julie at a work training event. With her great natural style she instantly created a connection and subsequently created a safe space in which it was very easy to open up and very quickly identify my inner barriers. Her unique, genuine, open but yet adaptive style, enabled me to see through patterns and embed a new way forward in a very short amount of time. This has empowered me to be more vulnerable, create deeper relationships and be more mindful about myself and hence become a better business leader. She understands very well when to dig deeper and challenge me but also when I need time to digest – and it has been a lot of fun along the way. ​ In short I can recommend her coaching to anyone who would like to progress and grow with a coach who can challenge in a very motivating way!​
  • Kathrin, Finance Manager
    I am truly grateful that I met Julie during my professional life and that I have been privileged to work with her. ​ With her friendly and natural style, she made it easy for me to build up trust as well as be honest and open with her, but also myself (which doesn't come naturally to me within my working life where it is seen as a weakness to be vulnerable). It was amazing to see how quickly she picked up the issues that I was facing and how she guided me to the core with direct, but never offending questions. Providing great, tangible examples as well as recommendations on how to put the theory into practice she helped me to be clearer about myself and my needs. In addition, I learned where I need to be careful with myself and others on my development journey. ​ Having said this, I can only recommend her coaching services if you are looking for someone who you can trust to open up to and get help on becoming not only a better business leader, but also being more confident and happy with yourself in your private life – because you get both with her!
  • Sarah, Finance Analyst
    My journey so far with Julie has been one of self-development through learning to listen to my own wants/needs. Julie has offered a relaxed, yet action oriented atmosphere for me to openly share my thoughts and feelings around my current situation to help navigate through various options to develop my career. Her kind and genuine approach has given me the confidence and motivation to put myself at the forefront when it comes to making decisions about my future.
    She listens and is adaptive in her approach which enables me to get clear on what I am really feeling and wanting in different situations. As a result, Julie has helped me to be completely open and look beyond the expectations of others and assess what I personally want from my career and my life. Julie creates a perfectly safe environment with her kindness, understanding and active listening. I always come out of the sessions grateful for having someone who can listen to my thoughts, help me adapt them to create suitable actions and offers support throughout.

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